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The Fuller Mind Reveals the Top Secret of Getting the Best Investment

By Cynthia Fuller / December 1, 2017

I will give you the top secret of getting the best investment.How can you get the largest Return on Investment (ROI)?I want you to look at the mirror and say this sentence.  “Mirror mirror on the wall, where can I get the best investment?”Then fairy godmother would suddenly appear and say “You’ve found it already, because […]


How A Corporate Employee Saved More Than 1 Million Pesos In 6 Years Through Investing In Philippine Stock Market

By Cynthia Fuller / October 16, 2017

My advocacy is educating Pinoys on financial literacy, providing ways on how to achieve financial freedom and/or transition to work less, earn more and be happier than ever.Saving and investing are the keys to achieving financial independence.Whether I get your nod or not, I guess you better read the entire blog. My intention is to help […]


Start Retiring The Day You Start Earning

By Cynthia Fuller / October 5, 2017

What I am about to share with you is a story of a woman on achieving financial freedom.​She is a proud woman because her experiences made her stand whenever she falls. Stronger enough to face what the future may unfold.Seriously, she was not born rich and had her fair share of financial struggles.Her father lost […]