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October 31, 2017

A GENUINE LOVE FROM A MOTHER’S HEART (The Fuller Mind Speaks on Family and Financial Advocacy)

It was in August 19, 2017 while my husband is busy with the steering wheel and my son is comfortably sitting inside the car; my two beloved boys are exchanging ideas.

I am just listening to them because I love the way their conversation is going.

Suddenly something flashed back in my mind because of similar scenario a year ago.

That was when the three of us were inside the car and we’re on our way to the hospital.

It’s been a year since we rushed our son to the hospital...

It was one afternoon, my husband and I attended the wake of my officemate's father.

While we were at the wake, I felt something different, I did not know but I was uncomfortable during that moment and I kept thinking about my son.

It was like a mother's instinct that quickly made me feel uneasy. Though, I didn’t mention it to my husband.

We stayed for almost an hour at the wake. Then, we went to the supermarket to get some grocery items.

When we got home, to my surprise, my son was having a high fever and it’s been an hour already that he was suffering from involuntary muscle movement.

Our kasambahay did not inform us because her phone ran out of load and she couldn’t leave my son & daughter alone at home to ask for help.

I knew something was wrong with him, that it’s not just a high fever. 

I was nervous because that was the second worse scenarios that I'd been into. The first one was when my father died.

I cried and trembled that very moment.  My son saw me crying and he said "Mommy hindi na ako kikinig". He was referring to his involuntary muscle movement.

I knew then that I shouldn’t cry in front of him because he would normally get strength from me as his mother.

Yes, I have a strong personality - that is how people see me. But the truth is, there is a spot in my heart that says I am not.

Everytime I watch "Maalala Mo Kaya" tears keep shedding. How much more when my son’s life is at risk? Just imagine how worried I was.

Luckily my husband stayed calm despite being anxious because he must drive us safely to the hospital.

While we were on our way to the hospital, I'd called my son's pediatrician Dra. Annaliza Aromin and she told me I should talk to a pediatric neurologist.

Fortunately, my high school friend, Dra. Martinez who is the godmother of my daughter is also a neurologist.

I contacted her through the help of my good friend, Jesette, from there I told Dra. Martinez exactly what happened and our observation prior to that day.

She immediately referred us to a doctor whom she said is one of the best pediatric neurologists nearest to our house.

My son had undergone electroencephalogram (EEG) to check if there was a problem on his brain. 

I told myself, “Oh no! It is one of the most dangerous & complicated body parts”.

The test shall be done while my son was asleep inside the EEG room, otherwise it won’t work. Sedation was not recommended. 

We just need to keep him in deep slumber. The equipment was carefully put on his head.

Unfortunately, he awoke and got conscious about the thing that was on his head so the test was unsuccessful and to be repeated the next day. 

It was like prolonging the agony. I was eager to know what went wrong with my son.

We were told not to sleep for one day so my son will stay sleeping at the time of the actual test.

On the second attempt, I was still beside my son holding his arm and shoulder.  I was instructed not to move to keep my son asleep during the entire test.

I ignored the numbness I felt during the thirty minute test because all I wanted was to finish it successfully and to know the reason of that involuntary muscle movement.

We returned to our room & waited for the result.  While waiting for it, my husband and I kept on searching in the internet about "involuntary muscle movement".

Until we finally found "Tic Disorder" and "Tourette syndrome".

My heart melted when I saw the video of those people with Tourette. I was nervous and praying that my son hopefully did not have the same case.

The next day, the judgement day came for the result, I was asked to go to the nurse station where the doctor was waiting for me. 

I told my husband "Ikaw na lang pumunta, hindi ko kayang marinig ang result".  But since I was the "praning" and "matanong" we finally decided that I should go to the nurse room.

Diagnosis: Tic Disorder.

He would need to be under medication until the condition is cured and he returns back to normal.

Now, it’s been a year since we rushed him to the hospital.  Everything was just a memory now. It was still frightening remembering the situation last year.

Until when is he going to take the medicine? I do not know.   The quarterly check up is necessary to monitor any development on his condition.

What I am thankful for is we were able to discover it early to prevent the disorder from becoming a Tourette Syndrome.  That is worse than Tic Disorder.

Right now my son has no signs of involuntary muscle movement because of his maintenance medicine. 

If ever there is a sign we need to go to the doctor again and an increase in dosage is necessary because the body weight is directly proportional to the dosage that shall be taken.  

He is taking one 5 milligram Haloperidol capsule everyday as of this moment.

I feel sad whenever I am thinking of my son at age six already having a maintenance medicine but he needs it.  And the doctor assures us that a 5 milligram is not much of a dosage to worry about. 

Whenever I see my son having involuntary movement, I feel tired for him as if I were the one experiencing it.

I have even thought of considering a home school for him for he might be bullied in school for his condition.

My son is already seven years old now.  It is pretty awesome because he is healthy and living normally.  He plays a lot, goes to school regularly and does what a child of his age is normally doing.

Our family prayer includes “Sana po gumaling na agad si Kuya Dylan sa Tic Disorder n’ya kahit din na s’ya umiinom ng gamot”.

The funny thing is even my four year old daughter already memorizes this prayer.

The incident last year made me thought of one thing: SPEND MORE QUALITY TIME WITH MY FAMILY.

My son often asks me "Mommy hindi ka na babalik sa work?”

While my daughter says to my husband referring to me "Kinukulit ko s’ya kasi namimiss ko s’ya puro kasi s’ya work eh".

I am serious and focused on how to achieve my future goals because everything that I am doing is for my family. Unwavering plans are already marked in my heart and mind.

This is the reason that I am determined to give the best that I can for the fulfilment of my goals.  I've always wanted a source of income that can be done anywhere I am.

I wish to bring and fetch my kids from school and join them in all their school activities.  Aside from being a mother, I am thinking of being the tutor & yaya of my kids.

In short, I want to be with them frequently because being a child only comes once. I do not want to miss the opportunity of witnessing how my kids are growing.

Not only that, with my plans, I know I can be an instrument to help people.  

I would like to continue my advocacy on helping people achieve financial literacy through my website. I will help Pinoys resolve financial issues.

I will extend my arms to every Filipino who wants to achieve financial independence as much as I would like to achieve mine.  Because of this, I have founded the www.thefullermind.com.

The Fuller Mind created the FULLER Method to spread that financial freedom can be achieved by saving and investing.

One of the guaranteed ways is through stock market investing.

Wow! I hope that someday the power and the spirit of The Fuller Mind will get to be known and implemented by Pinoys seeking financial independence for their families.

...because The Fuller Mind speaks from a Mother’s heart. 

Be inspired with these quotes from Earl Nightingale:  

“We become what we think about. Plant your goal in your mind.”

“Plant that seed in your mind. Care for it. Works steadily towards your goal and it will become a reality. Think about your goal and relax in a positive way.”

Now, let me help you:

  • Achieve your FUTURE GOALS to improve your financial status.
  • Be inspired to help you ACT NOW.
  • Be motivated to help you change your mindset and keep moving forward.

This is a jam-packed learning because The Fuller Mind:

  • Is not just about investing in The Philippine Stock Market. 
  • It also aims to inspire and motivate you while you’re on the process of achieving your future goals.

I want to make sure that you'll get an access to this opportunity.  

This is what you're going to do:

Just click on the photo below and you will receive FREE tips on how to save, invest and make money in Philippine Stock Market.

I felt grateful that I was able to interview the Chink +, Mr. Chinkee Tan and I would like to share with you his words of wisdom. 

In this interview, he will tell you his four great tips on how to avoid financial struggle.

I'm just reminding you of the few steps you have to follow to be able to maximize your learning from this blog. 

  • Do not forget to click on the photo above and subscribe to my website so you can get my free eBook on stock market investing for beginners.
  • Click the photo below because, I think you're now excited to hear what Mr. Chinkee Tan has to say.

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Cynthia Fuller

Cynthia started investing since 1999. Investments allow her to earn which she uses to compensate losses from their business. She and her husband can do business while investing at the same time.

She is passionate in spreading financial literacy to Filipinos given that there are lots of Pinoys who are clueless when it comes to investment and financial management. She wants to teach and share her knowledge to them that even with zero knowledge they can learn how to invest in Philippines Stock Market and achieve financial freedom.

She wants to share her journey with you - that a typical corporate employee can also be a successful investor - to inspire you that if she can do it then so could you.

To your Fuller Way of Life,


  • Thank you so much po for this blog. Napaka inspiring po ng nilalaman at meron din akong natutunan. Sana po ay madaling masundan ang inyong incoming step by step on how to start to buy stocks sa inyong webinar. More power and God bless!

  • Good day Madam Cynthia, sa muli maraming salamat sa mga inspiring stories, some tips and other important info about stock market investment.. gusto ko pong bumili ng book nyo na the Fuller method, meron po ba sa national bookstore? iniisip ko din po magsimula ng stock investment kaya inisip ko pumunta ng PSE at hanapin ang COL financial at kumpleto na din po ang requirements sa pag open ng account,,sinusubaybayan ko din po ang mga blogs nyo at youtube channel, thanks and more power,,

  • Good afternoon po mam Chynthia Fuller. Salamuch sayo iyong interesting story about sa buhay mo, especially about investment..Sa pag share mo nito sa amin…Salamuch sa good heart mo sa amin.. Malaking pakinabang ito sa akin at sa lahat na may gusto nito..Review review lang habang walang pang umpisa..More powers to mam Cynthia and to yout the Cynthia Fuller Mind…More powers and God bless you…

  • Mother’s love is the best. Thank you for inspiring word mam. God bless you always and your family. I want to learn investment how to do this. Thank you.

  • I highly admire and appreciate so much your advocacy to help, much more for sharing your knowledge giving opportunity to us, your kababayan to be literate in Stock Market Trading.Keep up the Great Work and More Power!

  • Thanks po sa mga story experience that give inspired us,thats why I’m here to learn to educate on how to invest in stock market
    and to earn money. I am newly and first timer, no experience.

      • salamat sa inspirational messeges na ibinibigay mo, matagal ko ng gustong maging financially independent kasi I want to retire n from my work but I can’t b, coz I have no other source of income, un trading business matagal ko n rin gustong pasukin yan kaya lng hindi ko alam kung paano mag simula and salamat sa iyo na handa kang magturo kung paano mag simula sa business na ito, mabuhay ka at sana marami ka pang matulungan

  • Thanks po sa mga story experience that give inspired us,thats why I’m here to learn to educate how to invest too
    and to earn money. Hoping to learn.

  • It touches my heart….
    Lahat ng e mails niyo inaaral ko…
    Gusto kong sundan ang yapak nio miss cynthia……
    Salamuch po…..

  • Kakabagbag-damdamin naman po yung story. Totoo po ba ito? Pero the main thought is nakaugat sa family, na kaya todo kayod para sa pamilya kaya minsan napapabayaan na. Kaya best option talaga ang mag-invest kasi di mo mamamalayan na may perang darating ka. Dear author, ask ko lag po, magkano po ba ang minimum amount para makapag.invest??? Hope you enlighten me po. Kaka.inspire talaga yung message mo sa story mo na to..

  • So inspiring story relate much to me as a working mother with 7yrs old boy & 2yrs old girl. Thank you so much maam Cynthia for inspiring me to study financial literacy. God bless you always!

  • Thank you so much for sharing such a very important knowledge in stock market. And more power to Fuller mind.

  • Thank you so much Ms Cynthia as instruments and tools to improve the lifestyle of person to start investing like me.Hoping more interesting ideas and knowledge you will share to us regarding how to start inevest on stock market.
    Thank you so much ang more power.

  • Thank you so much Ms Cynthia as instruments and tools to improve the lifestyle of person to start investing like me.Hoping more interesting ideas and knowledge you will share to us regarding how to start inevest on stock market.
    Thank you so much ang more power.

  • Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story with your son. I hope gumaling na your son sa kanyang tic disorder. Your family deserve to be happy..you inspired us much. Sharing free ebooks and webinars of which sa ibang mga Guru and financial advisor may nka dikit na bayad..thank you so much maam cynthia. GOD BLESS you more.

  • Thank you so much ms cynth for this. I was moved and inspired by your story. As a mother, I feel tje same way as you do. I resigned my job as a social worker eventhough it is my vocation, my passion and one of may happiness and fulfillment. That happened when my second daughter has experienced maltreatment from our kasambahay. I was enveloped with guilt and sadness, i thought that i am taking care of other children, other families but i left my own children in the care of our kasambahay..
    Matagal ko ng gustong mag invest in stock market but i havemt had the courage to start it.. thank you so much now i had the drive to do so. Hope you can help me along the way.. thank you

    • WEALTHcome mam and Salamuch po mam. Yes mam just keep on learning by reading all my emails, blogs and watching my youtube videos.

  • It is very motivating. If only i have read this blog before then i should have started msking a difference in my life as a mother, wife, person and member of the church and community.

    Thank you ma cynthia for the daily inspiration. Yes, i want to have financial freedom by follwing the fullermethod. I believe God led me to the fuller.metjod in answer to my prayer.

  • Hi, Ms Cynthia! Indeed, financial intelligence is a gem. I envy people who have this quality. I think sila talaga yung mga destined to be rich 🙂 Kami namang mga guro parang deeply imbedded na sa utak namin na kaya kami naging guro ay dahil sa hindi pera ang mahalaga sa amin. Palaging nire-remind sa amin yun ng mga boss at nakatatanda sa amin. Kaya ayun na-brain washed na kami haha.

    But, of course, who does not want to be financially independent? Lahat naman tiyak. Nakapag-join na rin ako sa mga kung ano-anong grupo/business sidelines pero hindi naman nag-work kasi full time ang teaching. Hanggang sa bahay uwi namin ang trabaho.

    I am so glad that I click your post on facebook. Sobrang na-curious ako. Kaya nakilala kita. Nakaka-inspire ka.

    Anyways, sobrang nababagbag ako about your son and I pray that he will be totally healed. Just continue praying. There’s nothing impossible with God.

    Thank you for your advocacy. Iyan talaga ang dapat na matutunan ng mga Pilipino. Lalo na iyong mga kabataang Pilipino.

    Thank you again and God bless you and your family.


    • Hi Julie. Salamuch po. Just keep on investing in yourself mam at pasasaan ba at magiging ok din tayo financially and emotionally…My son is still under medication pero ok naman po sya ngayon. Hindi lang po talaga pwedeng wala syang iniinom na gamot dahil hindi mapigilan ang involuntary muscle movements nya. I made this blog to give awareness din na may ganitong disorder at para mas maunawaan na hindi nila sinasadya ang mga kilos nila minsan. Salamuch po sa concern nyo sa anak ko.

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge on financial literacy and how to invest in stock market which has enlighten me in many ways. Our family is really struggling financially now a days. But I’m serious on investing in stock market with the little I have. The last time I inquired at COLfinancial years back either I have to invest one time for 25,000 pesos or I have to deposit 5,000 pesos every month which at that time I don’t have that much cash. I hope you can help me find a financial broker that I can start small and will just deposit along the way like whenever I will receive my bonus which is twice a year. May God will bless you more and will totally heal your son from Tic Disorder. I am a mother myself to a girl and a boy and I can understand your feelings whenever there’s something wrong with our children. Thank you for your generosity.

  • Hi Ms. Cynthia,

    good evening and i hope everything is fine.

    I am Nina Clemente and a full time employee.
    thank you po pala sa ebook na shinashare to filipinos. it is great that there is someone out there na willing mag invest ng time to teach us financial literacy. Good job po miss Cynthia. Share ko lang po ung steps ko towards financial literacy, last year pa po ako nagdecide to be a passive investor when i get a VUL life insurance. I think it is a great product which every Filipinos needs to acquire. next step ko po is building enough emergency fund and 3rd step is to invest in Stocks and mutual fund. as a breadwinner in the family sobrang wala po akong naiipon for myself, after 2 years of working from 2014 ung bank account naghihikahos pa din. so before 2016 ends nag start po ako mag aral ng mga ways to have a passive income since hindi naman po ako magaling sa marketing and selling i need other ways to earn aside from having a salary. and one way to push for my goals and dreams is to educate myself everyday kaya thank you for being one of the vehicles for me to learn financial literacy. i will share this ebook of yours so i can also be a vehicle of financial literacy in our country and to every filipinos.

    God bless po sa inyo ng family mo.

    Nina Clemente

    • Hi Nina,

      Hi Sorry po now ko lang nabasa ito sa comment ng blog post ko. But I think nabasa ko na ito sa email ko. Good job ma’am at least you’re already starting to do what must be done. Just follow the five steps to achieve financial freedom. Since you’re an OFW and looking for a passive income, you may wish to try online business especially if you have plenty of spare time.

      Happy Saving and Investing!

      To your Fuller Way of Life,
      Cynthia D. Fuller

  • Awwwweeee! It is truly indeed a genuine love from a mother’s heart Ma’am Cynthia.
    Nakakatouch po talaga. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us!

    Your avid reader,

    • Hi Leslie,

      Thank you so much. Walang sawang pasasalamat s’yo my number one fan.

      Happy Saving and Investing!

      To your Fuller Way of Life,
      Cynthia D. Fuller

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