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October 16, 2017

How A Corporate Employee Saved More Than 1 Million Pesos In 6 Years Through Investing In Philippine Stock Market

My advocacy is educating Pinoys on financial literacy, providing ways on how to achieve financial freedom and/or transition to work less, earn more and be happier than ever.

Saving and investing are the keys to achieving financial independence.

Whether I get your nod or not, I guess you better read the entire blog. My intention is to help you understand because it is very doable. 

I will definitely make my mission possible: to help people get started in Philippine Stock Market investing even if you have zero knowledge.

Let me awaken your senses with the following questions:

  • Are you an employee working for eight hours or more a day?
  • Are you an OFW for five years or more?
  • Are you the type of self-employed who made so much “raket” just to meet daily expenses?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who does not diversify in paper asset investments?
  • Will you be working until the age of 60?
  • How much travel time do you spend just to be at your work and going back home from work? 
  • Do you believe that stress is one of the causes of other diseases?

Come On! Wake Up! It’s time for you to think. Reflect on in.

  • Determine your future goals and write them so you are always reminded of it.
  • Dream of it.
  • Think of your “Big Whys” too.
  • Provide action plans and a target date of your future goals.
  • Review the progress of your plans every quarter.

Spare me a couple of your minutes by continue reading this. Let me prove that saving and investing really works. This is my story on how I saved more than one million in a span of six years through stock market investing.

I had mentioned in my first blog that I acquired company shares through a monthly salary deduction for five years. That was almost ₱10,000.00 per month equivalent to ₱537,512.00 in six years. 

This is the importance of having a saving that is automatically deducted from your payslip.

Aside from that, since I wanted to invest more on stocks aside from the first stock I bought, when I heard of Citisec Online, now COL Financial Group Inc, I immediately opened my online trading account.

If you never heard of COL, it is a stock broker. A stock broker acts as the middleman, they will help you place your orders; meaning if you want to buy or sell stocks, the broker will help you do it.

I began on November, 2010, and invested ₱25,000.00 right away. That money is from my 13th-month pay. Came December 2010, I expected of Christmas bonus, of course. Wow! Meron nga. I invested ₱22,000.00 again in COL Financial.

January to February 2011, wala ng bonus nawili naman daw ako so I invested  ₱3,000.00 to ₱4000.00 monthly.

Here came March 2011, payout of unused sick leave and vacation leave. Dahil dyan, naka pag invest na naman ako. Did you get my point my friend? I did not prioritize buying material things or travelling to other countries.

I am a believer of saving and investing early then relax later”. I am a big no-no to “pasyal now taghirap later”. I don’t spend all my income on leisure.

Which of these two you think you are:

  • Work hard first because you're preparing for your better future.
  • Relax muna.  Pero baka your future may not be okay.

I have budget for occasional leisure, baka naman isipan boring ang buhay ko. I explored the country first because I wanted to see the beauty of the Philippines. WOW! PHILIPPINES

For those months na walang bonus, I keep on saving and investing in Philippine Stock Market. For the first year, I saved between ₱1,000.00 to ₱4,000.00 monthly.

There’s more since salary is increasing every year, I am also increasing my monthly investment at the stock market. Basically, I just treated my online trading account as my bank account.

To sum it up, I was able to save ₱475,555.00 in COL Financial Group Inc. in six years as well.

Therefore, my total investment in the stock market for six years is...give me a drum roll please... ₱1,013,067.00. I myself can’t believe it. But it happened indeed.

It was pretty awesome thinking of the benefits I got (and I will be getting) from saving and investing.

Why am I saying this to you? I am not urging you do exactly the same. I am just pointing out that saving monthly your income or part of your bonuses and investing in Philippine Stock Market is a good move already.

Do not make an excuse that your monthly income is small; you can start at ₱500.00 or ₱1,000.00 per month. Believe me, magugulat ka na lang palaki ng palaki na savings mo.

Why? Because you have already considered saving as part of your monthly budget.

Seriously, trust me this will also work for you. Having the right mindset on self-discipline allows you to be on the right track.

Start growing your knowledge on financial literacy. You read books/eBooks and blogs and watch video tutorials to acquire learning and get inspiration from people who are very much willing to share what they had become.

In the span of six years, I have tried the following stock market investing strategies:

  • Long Term Investing
  • Peso Cost Averaging
  • Short-Term Trading
  • One Time Buhos 
  • Maniwala Sa Sabi Sabi
  • and other simple techniques

Let me explain each type of investing strategy.

Long Term Investing

I invested in one company in 2010. My future goal for this one is for my children’s college tuition fees and allowances.

Peso Cost Averaging (PCA)

This is buying of shares of stock at a fixed amount of money at a regular interval to accumulate shares.  This is for a long-term investing.

Short-Term Trading

Some people earn in trading, so, I want to discover if this one will work for me too.

One Time Buhos (simple terminology ko lamang po ito para madaling maunawaan)

This is investing a big amount in one stock only, done in a single buying transaction.  This is not for beginners.  Because you have to know which stock can give you a better earning over the long-term by learning the stock market first.

Maniwala Sa Sabi Sabi (terminology ko lamang din po ito)

This one is a big NO NO, please do not listen to people unless you know their expertise.  How expert is an expert? Search for their credentials. Do they have books/ebooks, conducts a seminar and being interviewed?  How long have they been investing?  

Naniwala din kasi ako sa mga sabi-sabi nuon.

That's why it's better to learn the stock market first before you begin to invest.

Ang stock ko na stuck nga. Funny isn’t it? This is the reason why I attended four stock market trainings.

Ayaw ko ng maniwala sa sabi sabi.

During the process of performing these strategies, I came to realize that every successful investor, trader, money manager, etc. has a method that fits them.

The method itself is not the important factor but, how the system will work for your unique personality.

These were the methods I once used but every trader/investor must establish a strategy that works best for you too.

Having all these experiences, I have now filtered the method that best work for me.

“Go and make your dreams happen”.

“Move up to a higher level of abundance now.”

Click HERE or the photo below and you will receive FREE tips on how to save, invest and make money in Philippine Stock Market.

I want to share with you my first presentation in The Infopremeur Podcast Show (TIPS) about stock market investing for beginners.

In this episode, you’ll discover and understand:

  • Basic terminologies used in stock market investing.
  • How to earn money from the Philippine Stock Market?
  • How to get started?
  • Do’s and Dont’s for beginners?
  • What are the questions to ask yourself before you begin investing that will help you achieve a successful journey to stock market investing?

I'm excited to share it with you because I care for you.  If you don't want to miss it, here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Do not forget to click on the photo above and subscribe to my website so you can get my free eBook on stock market investing for beginners.
  • Just click on the photo below and turn on the YouTube in your mobile phone to get access to this presentation.

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Cynthia Fuller

Cynthia started investing since 1999. Investments allow her to earn which she uses to compensate losses from their business. She and her husband can do business while investing at the same time.

She is passionate in spreading financial literacy to Filipinos given that there are lots of Pinoys who are clueless when it comes to investment and financial management. She wants to teach and share her knowledge to them that even with zero knowledge they can learn how to invest in Philippines Stock Market and achieve financial freedom.

She wants to share her journey with you - that a typical corporate employee can also be a successful investor - to inspire you that if she can do it then so could you.

To your Fuller Way of Life,


  • Thank you cynthia to be a part of ways to learn in invest in philippine stock exchange..please do guide and help me to more familiar in stock exchange..thank you

  • So encouraging, i really spent my time reading your blogs.little by little my mind opened on how to save and invest in the stock market! You’re really one of a kind, dika po ngsasawang tumulong sa nais na matuto!


  • salamat po sa pag in courage..very appreciated Po. kung may oras lang talaga ako para mag attend sa mga seminars mag avail Po talaga ako..pero sa Ngayon Yong oras lang talaga Ang kulang sa akin..by the way ingat Po at God bless..

  • Thank you ma’am Cynthia, I really appreciate you for taking the time to help us learn the basic things in Stock Market Investing, you are very truthful to us and hopefully you can continue educating us until we become literate on this field of investment. I’m looking forward to learn more in detail from your upcoming Webinar. Hopefully you could also particularly teach us using the tools and apps in an actual/demo trading/buy & sell in the stock market, as well as some of the terminology that can be found in tools and apps, their significance and also the reading of charts and etc. More power to you ma’am and GOD bless you more.

  • Blessed day po Mam Cynthia. Very interesting, inspiring, encouraging po yung mga stories and insights po ninyo. You are a blessing to others po. I have a copies of ebooks po ninyo. SALAMUCH po Mam

  • You’re so wondreful for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Thank you very much for this. I hope i can do thesame as what you did. God bless.

  • I have an account in COL but my portfolio is losing too much… I’m trying to hold my shares but always going down the market price. What will I do? Sell it to recover my small capital or keep holding?

  • Good morning po mam gusto ko pong maginvest kaya lng po dpa ako marunong mag download o gumamit ng app alm ko lng tumingin s fb or messenger sana matulungan no po ako

  • Maraming salamat po Ma’am Cynthia. Dahil sa inyo unti-unti ko po na natutunan ang tungkol sa stock market, kung paano mag save at pati na rin po ang pangiinvest. Sana po ay mas marami pa po kayong matutruan. More power po and God bless.

  • Hello po ma’am, salamuch nga po pala sa ebook,at pati na rin sa mga email po ninyo. Marami po akong natututunan, isa din ako sa mga walang alam pagdating po sa Philippine stock market, pero sa tulong ng mga aral nyo ay unti unti ko ng natutunan at nagugustuhan mag invest. Isa po akong ofw, gusto ko sana na umatend ng webinar pero mahina ang signal ko dito at may work ako sa oras po ninyo. Pag uwi ko na lang para may puntahan yung kinita ko dito sa labas ng ating bansa. At muli salamuch po ma’am.

  • Very much thank you po for the informations given. I really admire the way you are sharing all of these to us… it comes so natural.
    Hope to talk to you even virtually.
    Thanks much po 🙂💞

  • Thank you maam for encouraging me to invest aside for the fact that i am literally zero knowledge, I desperately need those kind of words for now for me to have my confidence back. I am jobless and no single peso coming in i wish in the future i am sitting next to you. Thank you maam see you tonight

  • I am a beginner and I am not sure of investing in the stock market what I am thinking is I just want to learn how to invest in the stock market. Thank you for the knowledge about investing. Godbless po.

  • Greetings to you Coach Cynthia!
    Salamuch for you’re truly a blessing. Honestly I am a newbie in the stock investment industry. Since I have the keen interest of learning the craft, so grab on reading your ebook. I can say that it is worth reading and I am beginning to learn a lot.

  • Thanks a lot po sa knowledge you share mam at sa free e-book. Matagal ko na sna gusto Mag invest nuong nag work abroad ako 1999=2002 pero zero knowledge ako nun. Pero now a little knowledge base on the information about stock you shared with us. I don’t want to miss the upcoming webinar. Thank you mam fuller God Bless the work of your hand.

  • Hello mam Cynthia, at 1st na mabasa ko pa lang ang naligaw sa newsfeed ko na The Fuller Mind, nagkainterest na agad ako.. Lalo na nun mabasa at napanuod ko ilang post nyo.. Bagay na bagay sa newbie ang mga technique na gamit nyo po… Salamat po mam, kasi marami ako natututunan, sa ebooks, youtube at email..

  • good day mam Cynthia, thanks for the tips at sa mga ideas about stock market, naging interesado ako sa stock market dahil isa sa paraan kung paano kumita at mag work ang pera para sa atin than we work for the money, sa ngayon mga steps muna at knowledge ang kailangan kong matutunan, salamuch,,

  • Dear ma’am how can I contact you do you have what app manager because I so every interested about your company

  • Hello maam Cynthia, SALAMUCH! I got the free ebook sent to me. Nung binasa ko sya sabi ko “papasadahan ko lang” pero di ko napansin na di ko na sya nilukubayan hanggang matapos ako..its very informative & helpful. Ilalabas nya yung urge at interes mo knowing na may tutulong sayo how to start investing in the stock market. I honestly dont have a knowledge in stock market as in zero talaga, yet trureading sa mga tips mo, i was starting to have an idea how it works.. I need to learn more!
    Looking forward to invest in PSE Through your guidance.
    Salamuch po.

  • I’m so inspired withyour blog, this is the way that i can learn more about trading the how in this trading platform especially, not only today but for the future, thanks alot mam cynthia, God bless

  • Hi ma’am Cynthia, ako Po ay isang ordinaryong manggawa, sapagtipid ko Po kahit paano may kakaunting na invest pero gusto ko Po matuto paano talaga mag simula sa stock market sa maliit na halaga for less than 10k. Sa ngayon Po may mutual fund Po ako for less than a year pa Po. Salamat

  • I’m impressed on how you reach ang achieve what you want maam. I don’t have any knowledge about investing but I am interested to learn.. Ten years from now maybe I will be retiring and I don’t even have savings.. Our childre are still studying.. I am thinking of ways how I can have extra income but because nahihiya naman akong pasukin ang pagtitinda wala akong magawa. Ilang beses kong nakita sa fb ang tungkol sa trading, naisip kong pumasok sa pag iinvest kahit wala akong idea tungkol rito pero interesado namang pag aralan.. Kaya Ms.Cynthia Fuller, sana matulungan nyo ako na magkaroon ng maraming kaalaman tungkol rito? Salamat po.

  • Inumpisahan ko na basahin ebook mo ma’am Cynthia at nauunawaan ko naman sana lang hanggang sa matapos ay hindi ako mahirapan unawain. Sana lang noon ko pa ito nalaman marami ako naipon na nasayang. Thank you ma’am Cynthia sa pagshare mo ng iyong expertise for free.

  • Hi there Cynthia.. thank you very much sa ebook. Inspiring at motivating… since i got your very first email, nakaugalian ko na na abangan ang susunod.. honestly, laking pasalamat ko at nakita kita sa Fb. Kaya lang medyo huli na yata ako mag simula mag invest.. actually, nagseminar na kaming dalawa ng asawa ko before. Yes sa COL. hindi namin naituloy dahil hindi namin maintindihan. Ika nga walang magandang paliwanag. Pero nung mabasa ko yung ebook mo, ang galing! Napakaliwanag, madaling intindihin para sa mga katulad kong zero pagdating sa investing at trading. Nakakatawa nga dahil sa zero knowledge ako, inuulit-ulit kong badahin para lng maintindihan ng husto. Again, sabi mo nga, salamuch,, more power.


  • Bago lang po akong nag invest thru COL kaya ang dami kong natutunan sa pagbabasa ko ng mga free eBooks mo Ma’am.
    Maraming salamat Ma’am.

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences in investing slowly, but surprisingly gives you passive income. Waiting for your upcoming webinar. Thank you so much

  • Very interesting,I red all your emails and I watched ur vlogs. I learn alot of things here that’s why I keep on tracking??thank you Mrs Fuller,

  • Salamuch po mam for sharing your expiriences. It realy helps and comforts me with my decission in investing, and probably will try other methods.

  • Amazing worth to follow. I for one advocate savings and investing but not yet started may be its the time now onward. I am now decided because I am fuller of ideas. What is lacking is confirmation as to what fits my personality in investment. hoping to know more from fuller method.

  • Hi mam Cynthia, Thank you for sharing your knowledge about investing in Stock Market, I am so much interested, I hope its not too late for me, want to save for my retirement age. Nkapagregister na dn po ako on your upcoming webinar, I’m hoping for the best and gain more knowledge after reading your ebooks and attending first time a webinar, just Dowloaded your free ebook, and waiting now pra makapgumpisa ng magbasa, Thank you so much

  • Thank you ma’am Cynthia, I am beginning to learn on stock market and interested to learn more.

  • I have so much interest in investing but I don’t have the courage. But I was moved with the blogs that I’m reading during this quarantine time.
    Thanks Ma’am Cynthia! You are one! I hope I can start my own investment and saving discipline even with a small amount.

  • Wowww so inspiring
    i don’t have any knowledge about these but i am willing to learn
    I am an ofw for 18 yrs in HK, just for good last year month of February 2019
    But sad to say all the money i got from my Employer my long service with them all gone
    Just because i invested, wrong investment to those Online Investmet Scam
    I am Married w/ one kid
    I am plain housewife

  • many thanx mam sa knowledge na naimpart mu re stock investment because i have no idea tlga kung panu mkpg invest sa stock market

  • Alam nyo po kung may nakuha lang akong ganitong mga info noon pa ay ginawa ko na. Ngayon lang kasi naglalabasan ang ganitong mga info dahil na rin sa technology ng internet. Mas madali ipakalat at ang awareness. Sa kabila ng pagiging propesyonal ko at working sa isang malaking company, wala man lang akong nakuha o nalaman sa mga kasamahan ko sa trabaho tungkol sa financial literacy and investing/saving. Kahit sa mga Magulang ko wala kami natutunan ng mga kapatid ko. Talagang pinagtapos lang kami ng pag aaral. Maraming Salamat sa mga katulad nyo na nag eeducate sa mga Filipino tungkol sa tamang Financial literacy para sa financial freedom.

  • Thank you mam for the email. I really appreciate the ebook, I learn a lot, Looking forward to gaining insight from your team cause I am a newbie in stock investing.

  • very informative.. thank you.. i have just downloaded your e book the fuller method.. i want to learn more about stock market and how to do it right.. i want to start but dont know how, what to buy and have may hows and what ifs. i got interested in your book.. i believe it will help me po.. and your blogs, very informative.. cant wait for your next email.. thank you very much and more power

  • Hi mam, just recieve your free ebooks, its very inspiring, hopefully i could learn a lot from this. Thanks a lot

  • Hello Mam Cynthia, starting to digest slowly. Thanks a lot, awaiting for more materials that will strengthen me and will motivate me to start without fear.

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge in Stock market.. i hope me be like you. I have financial struggles hoping it will end. Im on my 50s now and im not sure if i can save much, as you do..but im willing to start in stock market. Just hoping you can help me more. Thanks for the free ebook.

  • I have downloaded your Fuller Method ebook and re-reading it together with your emails. I found it simple and interesting understanding the logic behind the “save and invest” as source of passive income. As a licensed real estate broker you are giving me other mode of stock investments such as paper assets and commodites other, than real estate, business will be a last choice.
    This early I wish to thank you for your advocacy to share knowledge on stock investments.
    Happy New and Prosperous Year 2020 to All of Us!!!

  • Thanks. Magandang advocacy yung pagtuturo sa mga younger generation on how to save money, hindi yung buwan buwan bago ang cell phone pero walang ipon.

  • Hi mam Cynthia nareceived ko na po at na idownload ko na rin ang free ebooks very inspiring binasa ko the whole night now your email no# 2 katatapos rin. Waiting for your nxt email thankyou po.

  • Many thanks for your message and so much inspiring. Hoping to read more regarding this kind of investment and appreciate for your support and advice.Just like me a Zero knowledge need your kind guidance for this investment and appreciate so much. More power and God bless!

  • Hi ms cynthia, i downloaded your ebook but i have’nt finish reading. Mag ask lang din sana…I have my petron shares since 2000 and i have been receiving cash dividends which is minimal in my account. Pano ko kaya ito palaguin? Since i am not working since 2016. I have zero knowledge and hoping you can send more tips.Thank much! God bless.

  • I like your eBook on the Fuller Method on investing in the stock market, which I downloaded free online, and it’s very informative and easy to understand. Though, I understand it takes my personal decision which stocks to buy, but you have given clear and good tips on how to analyze which kind of business lines to give priority into buying their stocks. I’ll give it my best shot. Thank you very much.

  • god is good all the time…thanks a lot coach cynthia sa mga emails, videos mo and your story talagang naka ka inspire in terms of saving and investing talagang nahatak ako. and now im so excited to try trading in stock market and i hope i can learned more from you and i hope you dont stop educating pinoys. god bless you more a hundred folds.

  • Hi mam, got your ebook today and browsed a little but not yet fully read. Got interested with this kind of investing when I read about those Jew who made their riches in getting wisdom—one in investing. Thanks for your help in enlightening pinoys with this, I hope I can learn a lot from your coaching. God bless!

  • I already have the copy of your ebook Mam Cynthia, I am new to this kind of investment thing…i hope to learn more and start soon.

  • Thank you Ma’am Cynthia for the emails you sent me. And also your blog. They are very inspiring & interesting. I don’t have any knowledge about stock market & tradings but you gaved me ideas about them. Your suggestions & explanations are easy to understand. Thank you again and i hope you can help me more about trading.. ?

  • I’m most interested now, that I saw your 1st instructional video. I will always wait for succeeding narrations from you. Thank you.

  • Hi ma’am, thank you for your encouragement and for sharing with us your knowledge about stock market. Wala akong knowledge about it. Hoping to be a part of this interesting investment.

  • Marami n kong nababasang mga article about stock market and naging interesado ako,I don’t know how to start hanggang basa nlang ako?,now kadadadownload ko lang ng ebook and i have’nt read it yet.,sana dito makapag simula nko…salamat…god bless

  • Thanks for the very encouraging items that you wrote on this blog. Very interested on this kind of investment as am already newly – retired from government service and before my retirement I already came across this forex trading and invested in it but not yet fully as I’ve traded only once and now am struggling to be full time in this business
    In fact, I didn’t have the second trade yet am searching for more knowledge as am zero on this aspect. Your ebook not fully read yet but I believe it would be valuable as I want to “master” trading to have somekind of busyness at retirement age, already 68 and to support 2 high school boys. Stock market investment, I think is synonymous to forex trading and I find it valuable gaining knowledge from you. Thanks, Ms. Fuller.

  • Thank you for the information and experience it’s enlightening. I’ve been an ofw for so long and have tried different kinds of business and honestly it’s really difficult if one is looking for a profitable and stable source of income. The book you shared is very useful for beginners who wish to enter in the stock exchange business.

  • Thank you for sharing us knowledge about stock market. Yes, i am a zero knowledge about this item. Hoping in the coming days, i’ll be part of it…… God bless.

  • Hi Maam,

    Maraming salamat po sa contninues email nyo. I keep learning new things ang understanding how stock investment works.

    Thank you for the clearer explanations.



  • Thank you, ma’am, for sharing your journey in investing stocks. I am hoping you can help me too in this kind of investment. God Bless.

  • Napaka comprehensive yong mga pinaliwanag mo sa mga ipinadala nga mga message tungkol dito s investment Maam Cynthia, gusto ko na sana mag invest pero may takot ako baka kon saan pupunta ang pera ko na i invest. At isa a gusto ko na magkausap tayo by phone dahil gusto ko na magkausap tayo sa Webinar para makinig sa iyong ishare.

    • Hi Mam Lanie. Salamuch po. Always remember po mam yung sabi ni Warren Buffett: “???? ????? ???? ??? ??????? ???? ??? ??? ?????.” Kaya it’s good to learn or gain knowledge about the stock market investing. Muli, salamuch mam.

  • I wanted to go into this venture but lack of knowledge deter me from pursueing it…hope you can help me..tnx

  • Hi Cynthia i missed ur webinar tonight. Hope i can join ur next webinar. Anyway, i am happy reading ur ebooks. Very simple short easy to read.

  • Thank you po sa pagshare sa experience niyo, hoping to learn more from you, so I’ll invest time muna on learning how investing works with your know how and experience. Zero knowledge po ako on stock market but always wanting to invest in it.

    • WEALTHcome po. I hope you’ll continue to read all my emails, blogs and watch my videos. Keep learning po. Salamuch din po

  • Thanks po Mam Cynthia for your shared knowledge , experiences and expertise.I do hope I can do all this things and make it happen too.

    • WEALTHcome po. Just believe in yourself and begin to apply all the learning. Don’t be afraid to fail as well. Salamuch din po.

  • Hi ma’m Cynthia,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience about saving and investing…
    Highly appreciated.

  • Hi! Ma’am Cynthia Fuller thanks for sharing your knowledge about stock market ? kahit konte pa lang nababasa ko parang ang dami ko na natutunan hehe ☺. thanks din po pala sa pag update araw araw sa email ko di ko pa sya tapos basahin pero kahit ganun my natutunan naman ako At patuloy ko p rin sya babasahin 🙂 God bless po ???

    hmp my tanong pala ako ma’am san po pala ako pwede mag invest ? 🙂 thanks

    #ZeroKnowledge ☺

  • Saan Kaya ako magsisimula at pano o sisimulan mag invest. Can you give me ? Yung mas detailed info pa.. thank you . Na Kaka inspired talaga Sana magawa ko din

  • Hi po Mam cynthia. Thank you sa encouragements, guide and tips about sa pag invest ng stocks at tungkol sa paghandle ng finances. sa inyo lang po ako nag subscribe. yung iba inunsubscribe ko na..i feel na totoo ka. your message is nasa point na madaling maintindihan ko po..nakaka encourage po kayo.naeenganyo po akong ayusin at pagbutihin ang paghandle ng pera para sa pamilya. thanks po. more power po sa inyo.

    • Wow salamuch po Willodan. Keep investing in yourself also. Share to your family and friends what you have discovered/learned.

  • Salamat po Maam Cynthia sa blog.. malamang marami pa po kayung matulongan.. . Maam tanung ko lang… kahit po ba 1000 pesos lang pwedi nang start mag invest??? At kailangan po bah every month ka mag invest??? At paano po ba ang mga proceso para maka pag start mag invesr??? Salamat pppo nang marami..?

    • Hi Cristy, yes you can open an online trading account for 1000 pesos only. Hindi naman po kailangan na every month mag invest but developing the habit of saving and investing is good especially if your goal is for your retirement fund. Have you downloaded my FREE eBook? Salamuch po

  • Hi it’s nice all your things written here but I am looking for something like if I invest I can quit my job as ofw and stay in the Philippines for good,is there anything like that in the investment here, w/c I can have a profit monthly from my investment and this will become my source of income instead a salary as worker abroad.

    Thank you and hope you can be give your insight on my concern.

    • Hi Sir,

      I wish to send a personal message to you but as I searched for your name, several Antonio Navarro Jr appeared. Sorry po at ngayon ko lang nakita itong comment mo sa website ko. I suggest you try to do business since nasa ibang bansa ka you can try online marketing. Use your spare time in doing online business. It’s a good start because of minimal capital outlay.

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