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October 5, 2017

Start Saving And Investing The Day You Start Earning

What I am about to share with you is a story of a woman on achieving financial security.

She is a proud woman because her experiences made her stand whenever she falls. Stronger enough to face what the future may unfold.

Seriously, she was not born rich and had her fair share of financial struggles.

Her father lost his job when he got a stroke in 1996 that caused more financial difficulties. Her college tuition fees and allowances were given by her generous aunts and uncles.

After graduation in college back in 1997, all she wanted was to find a job immediately. Being the eldest of the four siblings she had to help her mother support the family’s daily expenses.

Her first job as an employee was from 1997 to 1998. Since the compensation was not enough to help her family, she looked for another job.

She became a regular employee in her second job in 2000. Here she found her comfort zone. She was able to provide her family a monthly financial support.

This woman did not prioritize buying gadgets or clothes that would make her look rich. It was like she would rather be rich than sexy because of her experiences on financial issues.

She’s into short and long-term investments:

  • In 1999, when she was 23 years old, she purchased a set of white gold payable on an installment basis for one year.
  • She got a life insurance as well in 1999 payable in ten years.
  • In 2001, she began to purchase stocks payable in 5 years from the company she is working with.
  • In 2003, she acquired a subdivision lot under Pag-Ibig Home Development Fund and paid in full in 2010.
  • Stock investment under COL Financial in 2010, in which she made it just like a bank account. Saving part of her monthly income and invest it for the long term in blue chip companies.
  • Part of her Christmas bonus is invested annually in a mutual fund which she started in 2011.

Now that she is happily married, she taught her husband on how to handle finances from budgeting to conscious spending. The couple had purchased agricultural, subdivision and residential lots.

They started rubber farming in 2010 as well.

Rubber tree needs minimal supervision. So why bother waiting? Do other stuff and let the rubber trees grow.

The couple acquired an insurance in which her spouse is a Philam Life Financial Advisor. Not to mention the St. Peter Plan as well.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the sources of passive income are business, real estate, paper assets and commodities (like gold). 

Having all of these sources of passive income, she was a lot surer that her children would not experience being trapped in a financial rut.

She had planned to provide them at an early age which was not taught in traditional school the financial literacy and how to handle finances and investments.

It did not happen overnight or months or a couple of years. Savings and investments began 18 years ago. It was crazy thinking having all of these and to what she had become.

Two thumbs up to one of Warren Buffett investment advices Someone planted a tree a long time ago and someone is sitting in a shade today.”

She hasn’t retired from work yet because she is still in the process of searching for a business that would allow her to balance family and work.

She is dreaming of spending most of her quality time with her family than spending most of it at work.

On her retirement, she had in mind the future goals of their investments.

  • The number of shares of stocks bought will be allotted to college tuitions and allowances of her children.
  • The mutual fund and insurance are for the couple’s retirement.
  • Real estate is for the future expenses.
  • SSS retirement benefit would also be helpful to pay for monthly dues.

Surely, the couple would never be a burden to their children because she had started saving and investing 18 years ago.

Now let me ask you?

How do you imagine your retirement life?

  • Would be a burden to your family?
  • Have just enough to meet daily expenses?
  • Having excess to help the family and relatives?
  • Having excess to help the family, relatives and a mentor to help other people succeed?

Having excess to help the family and relatives is good but isn’t it that the latter the best option? Wow! This is pretty awesome.

It is your choice on how you envision your future. But I am telling you, The Time Is Now…Make Self Discipline Your First Mentor otherwise you would not achieve financial freedom.  Start today so could share your story with others as well.

Now you will tell me that you are already 35 years old or a bit older, too old to start. Age doesn’t matter; the best time to save and invest is now.

Believe me, the power of saving and investing will help you survive financial struggles.

Too late or too old to start? Here are some of the people who proved that it’s never too late to transform your life:

  • Henry Ford founded Ford Motor at 40.
  • Christian Dior founded his luxury good brand at 41.
  • Sam Walton founded Walmart at 44.
  • Morgan Freeman first Hollywood was at 52.
  • Colonel Sanders founded KFC at 65.
  • Granma Moses, America’s famous primitive painter learned to paint at 78.

Go on and make your dreams come true!

Oooops, wait a second I have to divulge the woman in this story. She is the founder of TheFullerMind.

Ehem! This is my story and I am revealing this not to brag but to inspire you. Let me share you my journey on achieving financial freedom.

“Move up to a higher level of abundance now.”

All you have to do is to CLICK HERE or the photo below and you will receive FREE tips on how to save, invest and make money in Philippine Stock Market.

I want to share with you my interview with The Pocket Size Life Coach, Mr. Billie Bautista. This is about his financial journey.

In this interview, you’ll find out and learn:

  • How to improve your cash flow?
  • How to get out of debt?
  • How much do you need to save for your emergency fund?
  • How to get protected from life and nature risks?
  • What are the investments that you may consider to help you achieve your future goals?

I don't want you to miss this opportunity so here’s what you’re going to do:

  • Don't forget to subscribe to my website by clicking the photo above so you can get my free eBook on stock market investing for beginners.
  • Just click on the photo below and turn on the YouTube in your mobile phone to get quick access to this interview.

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Cynthia Fuller

Cynthia started investing since 1999. Investments allow her to earn which she uses to compensate losses from their business. She and her husband can do business while investing at the same time.

She is passionate in spreading financial literacy to Filipinos given that there are lots of Pinoys who are clueless when it comes to investment and financial management. She wants to teach and share her knowledge to them that even with zero knowledge they can learn how to invest in Philippines Stock Market and achieve financial freedom.

She wants to share her journey with you - that a typical corporate employee can also be a successful investor - to inspire you that if she can do it then so could you.

To your Fuller Way of Life,


  • Good day po Ma’am Fuller very inspiring po ang inyong kwento at ni sir Bellie I hope po someday isa Ako Sa mga successful na Tao na inyong matutulungan andto po Ako Sa Qatar bilang OFW at malapit na pong umuwi at naghahanap talaga Ako Ng bagong mapagkikitaan I hope Sa pamamagitan nyo maging successful din Ako thank you so much pogood bless

  • Hello po.. sorry po.. Di ko po mabasa agad Ang email niyo Kasi Minsan lang ako mag-oopen ng Gmail ko..pero kung mag-oopen po ako, binabasa ko po lahat ng email niyo Kasi it is interesting sa akin..kahit na po sa pagbabasa ng mga email niyo, may nakukuha din po akong guidelines.. salamat po sa mga email niyo kahit Di po ako nakapag-reply, patuloy pa Rin po kayo sa pagpadala ng mga email sa akin.. salamat po..

  • This is my first time to read & appreciate very clearly all about investing, as a passive income. I resigned from work in a private entity at the age of 55 and I only have small savings in a bank and for sure it may be used up sooner or later. I don’t have knowledge on how to add up to it. Your story and write ups are so encouraging, for sure now I will follow them.

  • Good morning Ma’am i so inspired s mga teachings m simple and powerful But i have a Big problem hindi po ako maka umpisa s Savings dahil Napaka laki po ang Utang ko At hindi ko alam kung paano ako makabayad please help me ti GET OUT OF HUGE DEBTS Thank you very much and God bless you and Keep you safe.

  • Thank you mrs. Cynthia Fuller, your story is so inspiring, it pushes me to be more interested to invest for the future/in stock market. As of now i need more knowledge about how to invest in stock market. I’m looking forward to read more of your books to make me more familiar about it.

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge on stocks investing. Looking forward for more technical conversation with you in the future.

  • Thank you so much for being a generous agent of change through financial literacy. This has been our request from Teacher Education Institution (TEI) to include Financial Literacy in the college propectus of Education courses. Honestly, teachers need that skill so badly. I am learning so much from you. God bless you more and more.

  • Hello, Ma’am Cynthia I was so inspired by you and I felt interested now to learn about what stock market is. Sana all matutunan ko rin ito at magawa at maging successful soon. I’m also dreaming to have a higher income and have my own saving for I am senior already.
    Also I want to help my family having a financial crises.
    Thank you so much!

  • Ma’am Cynthia, you’re right! Upon reading your story I found it very interesting but at first I have to admit I’m lazy when it comes to reading such long emails or any long writings, but indeed this one really caught my attention and interest. I have no knowledge about stocks because for me it’s so complicated to be into it but now I’m challenged to change my mindset and start the very soonest I can though I’m already on my early fifties but as what you’ve said it’s never too late at all…I’m also curious about COL Financial…is it good to start with?..

  • this is will be a great learning and partner for life… so glad i found you ma’am Cynthia… God bless u and take care always… i’m ready to combat the zero knowledge about the phil stock market…

  • Wow! I was always wondering how investment in the Stock Market works but has not had the opportunity to meet someone who could help me learn & understand until I saw your ad. Well, better late than never. I’m 64 and I want to go into this. Thanks!

  • Inspiring! How else can I say more to all you shared? Wow! How I wish I could push more right now to see how I would fare for few more years. Yup, I’m senior yet able enough to play ball games… or play in the stock market! Retired, yet not so comfortable simply sitting at home because of pandemic. I knew I can still learn new tricks. Only old dogs can’t, they said. Right now I’m working to get a new job… for additional sustainable resources, somehow. Maybe I could be able to start saving and invest. In my age I feel my pension and my savings are for something else. Am I right in this view?

  • Hello Madam Cynthia Fuller. Maraming salamat for sharing your method in wise investment. I find it very useful. Sana noon pa dapat nalaman ko ang tungkol dito. Minsan na akong na scam dahil sa pagmamadali. I will reread your book para mas malaman ko po ang mga dapat gawin about the investment technique I’ve shared. Maraming salamat po.

  • I never learned something new knowledge of investment like the stock market, but the Fuller Mind open up a new door of learning opportunity to handle financials in investing in both short term and long term passive income through stock market. I am eager to learn in this journey of making myself not a financial burden to anyone. I am glad for sharing this knowledge to everyone.

  • Laking tulong to skin kc wala akong idea about sa stocks ,excited to learn more,God bless you Ma’am Cynthia for sharing your knowledge to us.

  • wow!! it opened my mind in Philippine Stock Market investment. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience maam…im excited to learn more….

  • i have already started investing and trading stock, but sad to say for the first tries i have a lot of gain however, i did not learned not to be aggressive when others are greedy and as result i have lost an amount more than 50% of my portfolio including my gains and i’m stuck in one stock. In just one day i have experience loosing more than half of my portfolio but i’m not backing out with this but instead i’m looking forward to improving my skills in interpreting data graph, i hope you can help me out. thank you in advance

  • Hi Ms. Cynthia, matagal ko na po gustong pumasok sa stock market, but zero knowledge pa rin though my father was also stock investor. Thankful na nakita ko ang page nyo and to my surprise kahit mahaba sya talagang babasahin mo hanggang huli kasi every detail I learned something. Excited to learn and explore more before I will start investing. Thank you for helping others and encourage us to invest and the best is sharing your knowledge and experiences in easy and right way to understand for us beginners. More blessings to you and your family…

    • Wow mam salamuch po sa napakagandang comment. May mga easy ways po talaga kung paano tayo mag-invest sa stock market at yun po ang magandang malaman ng mga newbies sa stock market.

  • Wow!…Wow pa ulit! Hahaha, if I had known your story and your 7 secrets when i graduated from college life would have been much better and maybe I would be in a similar position as you are now helping people. Well, we’ve stucked with the tradition of school, job then success, these could be true to some but not the majority. I tried working my way to have my own business, I did, in fact many, but it did not turn out well in the long run. Also tried various kinds of MLM, and most were scams and in short, i was always at the losing side. Now approaching seniority and options are few when you’re financially drained. But your story is a new light in the dark, hope it will bring change enough to rise from the debts and support a simple and happy life. Thanks for the inspiration. I would like to receive more info and instruction ma’am Cynthia.

    • Sir Eliezer, keep on learning lang po. Sabi nga po habang may buhay may pag-asa. I hope that my emails, blogs, videos etc. helps you po.

  • as a child, I dreamt of becoming a stockholder someday, pero tumanda n lng ako (55) hindi ko pa rin nalalaman ang trade na ito, hanggang nabiktima ako ng mga get rich quick schemes dahil sabi nila legit daw cla coz they’re into crypto currency trading. desperate..I prayed hard n sana somehow, someone is gonna show and teach me how to get passive income, I do not desire to become filthy rich, just enough to pay my finances and support my family, sana ikaw na mga Cynthia Fuller ang pinadala ni Jehovah sa akin..

  • So inspiring po ng story niyo. It motivates me and wants to learn more on how to achieve financial freedom. God bless po.

  • Ma’am Cynthia, I belong to
    1.zero knowledge, and
    2.read few articles and blogs
    and I’ve just heard it(investing) from my friend also a newbie, he invested through Tessline last April2019. so I did try to research further trough you tube and Google. and then I’ve seen your article and find your story inspiring.
    I’m clueless in this kind of investing, Kaya Sana makapagsimula ako ngayon,
    Thanks for providing the tips and info.

  • Your generosity of sharing what you had achieved in financial aspect to mentor others like me is so Godly. God bless you more so you can bless more people.

  • Inspiring po talaga story nyo Mam Cynthia. Thank you sa pagbukas ng aking kaisipan sa pagsave at invest. You are such an inspiration, sana mas marami pang katulad ko, na zero knowledge sa investing, ang maabot ng kwento nyo.

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