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Alamin Kung Paano Magsimula at Kumita Sa Philippine Stock Market Kahit Ikaw ay Busy and No Idea na Parent, OFW, Self-EmployedEmployee and Retiree

Turuan kita ng aking simple at practical methods.  Huwag kang mag-alala dahil ito ay worry-free and stress-free way of investing.


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Day #1 Meeting

Challenge Day #

June 22 at 7:00PM PH Time - Saturday

Stock Market 101:

How to Start, Risk Management, and Requirements

13 Lessons for a Beginner:


1.  What is the stock market all about? 

2.  Paano maghanap ng legit stock brokers?

3.  Paano mag open ng trader's account?

4.  Magkano ang kailangan para makapagsimula?

5.  What are the risk in investing and how to manage risk?

6.  How to easily learn the stock market even if you have zero knowledge?

7.  How to invest in a busy life confidently?

8.  Is it worth it to invest in the stock market?

9.  What if the shareholder die?

10.  Is the stock market legit and not a scam?

11.  What are the Pros and Cons in trading/investing?

12.  What are the Do's and Dont's in trading/investing?

13.  Pwede bang mag-invest ang busy, parents, OFW, entrepreneur, nag-ta-travel at senior sa Philippine Stock Market?

Day #2 Meeting

Challenge Day #

June 24 at 7:00PM PH Time - Monday

Become a Successful Investor:

Dividend and Long-Term Strategies for REITs and Blue Chip Stocks

13 Lessons to Become Confident in Buying Your First Stock:

1.  What is investing and trading?

2.  What is the best investing strategy for a beginner para makapagsimula na agad?

3.  How to easily pick a good stock to invest in?

4.  How to choose or identify the best stock to buy?

5.  What pointers to see if the company is earning?

6.  What pointers to see if the company is cheap?

7.  What pointers to see if the company has the capability to return the money to the shareholder?

8.  Paano malalaman ang mga Blue Chip Stocks?  Saang legit website ito makikita?

9.  Saang legit website ito makikita ang mga Blue Chips?

10.  Paano malalaman ang mga kumpanya na mataas magbigay ng Cash Dividends?

11.  Anu-ano ang mga kumpanya na regular nagbibigay ng Cash Dividends?

12.  Paano malalaman ang mga schedule ng stocks na magbibigay ng Cash Dividends para makasama sa mabibigyan?

13.  Possible bang ma-wipe out or ma-zero ang investment sa stocks?

Day #3 Meeting

Challenge Day #

June 26 at 7:00PM PH Time - Wednesday

Smart Short-Term Trading:

Profiting from Blue Chip Stocks and REITs

7 Lessons to Easily Identify When to Buy and Sell Stocks:

1. Paano ka makakapagsimula sa Legit Trading kahit pa beginner ka or zero knowledge sa stock market? 

2. Ano ang simple at low-risk technique na pwede mong simulan para magkaroon ka ng Passive Income?

3. How to buy and sell (entry and exit points)?

4. How to learn the charts easily?

5. How to use the patterns (indicators, candlesticks, support and resistance)?

6.  How to properly execute trades?

7. How to do stock trading and investments?

Day #4 Meeting

Challenge Day #

June 29 at 7:00PM PH Time - Saturday

Special Live Q & A

1. Ask Me Anything that you want to know.

2. Dito mo pwede itanong lahat kung meron kang hindi pa naintindihan.

3. Ipapakita ko sa'yo ang aking Special Program para makapagsimula ka na agad sa stocks worry-free and stress-free gamit ang aking simple and practical methods.

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- Fely Dimaano, 68 years old, OFW

"I learned from the webinar and come to know that there are already retirees so I told myself PUEDE PALA AKO"

- Nestor Tungpalan, Retiree

"I learned in the webinar na it is not about the amount but it is the action that you need to take."

- Estella

"Seeing the Step-by-Step on screen example was very helpful.  Having to answer questions while the session was on going was a great help."

- Nennette

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Cynthia Fuller


Author & Founder

About The Author

Cynthia Fuller is the founder of The Fuller Mind.  Author of several eBooks on how to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market.

She is passionate in spreading financial literacy to Filipinos given that there are lots of Pinoys who are clueless when it comes to proper investing and financial management. She aims to share her knowledge and teach Pinoys in a way that even beginners can LEARN and GAIN KNOWLEDGE about how the Philippine Stock Market works.